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Beautiful, secure, scaleable, online loan origination software. Reach more lenders faster than ever before.

The Spiel On Your Deal

The details of the deal are no longer scattered throughout several emails with attachments. Organized loan scenarios are summarized in a way that gives every type of user the ability to breeze through or really dig in on new opportunities.

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Easy Entry

As submissions are completed though any web-based form or application, the data and details are populated into an editable workspace that allows users to articulate their message to partners, staff or prospective lenders and investors.

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Get It Together

With so many different platforms for personal document storage, the sharing and organization of those documents along side the summary is often difficult. Even when files are attached to an email or within a file sharing box, the loan details are lost within the various formats. idealview allows you to request, upload, organize and share files in a way that makes the most sense to recipients.

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